HQ Rest Day.  Come see what's on the board. 

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  1. Is anyone else interested in doing the CrossFit Garage Survival of the Fittest challenge at the end of the summer with me? (Bostic, I think this is the one you’re doing also?) I am competing in the women’s open division. It’s Saturday, August 21st.
    Check it out:

  2. can anyone tell me what’s on the board today? Please?

  3. Stringer says

    4 rounds for time…10 HSPU’s, Block Run, 10 Burpees, 10 Pull Ups. Good Monday WOD…16:47 RX for me…Ben, Bostic, or Ed should be able to hit 11-12 I would think…

  4. yay burpees!

  5. Soooo I was wondering why I was getting all these strange looks at the gas station this morning as I was filling up my car after the 6am workout, until I remembered I had my orange shorts on with the Hooters tank that Doc gave me Saturday night! People were probably thinking, “OMG, world’s oldest Hooters waitress!!” hahahaha
    A big thank you and shout out again to everyone who made Saturday night a night I will never forget. On so many levels. . . . . . .

  6. thanks man. sounds like a good WOD.

  7. bsawkins says

    15.24 rx. Really struggling at the moment with each and every workout. Have been feeling under the weather for a good three weeks now and it’s showing. The run was far more difficult today than it ever should be and my time paid the price consequently.
    Good job to Ed (he used paralettes for the HSPU’S = Impressive) and to GND for knocking out all 10 pull-ups on the fourth round unbroken.

  8. bsawkins says

    Thanks for the props Stringer…sorry I couldn’t come through for you.

  9. Okay…my time 26:37r….I feel as if I am really getting the hang of HSPU even if I have to do one at a time….:)… outside on the runs today but happy to get it over with….I still use one pad to rest my head on for HSPU, but think next time…I won’t use it…would rather have a RX than a R….ben…I am still proud of you….see everyone tomorrow at lunch…

  10. Campbell says

    Wish I could get in there and do this one. Nursing a calf injury. I need to perform better so I can get a shout out from Stringer. Just got to work harder for all the haters. 🙂 At least JT’s not around to pile on…or is he?
    See y’all tomorrow.