Blake Kaplan, State Champion!  He qualified for Nationals in Michigan.

15 Min AMRAP – Bracketology WOD

7 Push Press 95/65

10 Front Squat 

15 Sit Ups

You have until Wedneday to complete this workout.  Post rounds to comments.

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  2. Good job Blake. Your hard work has paid off. Keep it up.

  3. Way to go Blake!

  4. Ryan and I enjoyed seeing you lift. Nice work.
    Sweet bracket wod. I love push press 🙂 Ben I’m coming after you.

  5. Blake good job, congratulations!
    Pebbles, when are you doing this one? We should do it together for fun.

  6. Can you both do it today or Wednesday?

  7. Way to go Blake – that’s awesome!

  8. I heard a rumor that Vernon is coming in today!

  9. Amazing Blake! I am a proud Coach.
    Bracketology continues….
    If you are still alive in the competition, you will have till Wednesday to complete the WOD on today’s board. Team McKinney and Team Ramball get a bye, everyone else must complete.

  10. Jacklyn,
    You performed admirably today, yet again I am thankful that I have you as my partner and astounded at your strength. Good job by Pebbles today also who really kept the motor churning she set a heck of a total to go after. It’s going to be really close. Best of luck DJ!

  11. Way to go Blake!! No one works harder than you do.

  12. Thank you Ben!! I strive to be like you with your determination and go get ’em attitude. You set a great example and I am ecstatic that you are my partner!!

  13. Good work Ben and Jacklyn. Looks like Craig and I are out. I never want to do 103 front squats again!

  14. allison strine says

    Way to go, Blake! Good luck in Michigan!

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