Great job CFNF!!!!   

HQ Rest Day.

Back Squat 5×3 (3 sets of 5 reps)

Met con:

5 Rounds

7 Burpee Pull Ups

7 Overhead Sit Ups (hold db overhead)

Post loads/time to comments.

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  1. Happy late Birthday Jenny!

  2. Looks like everyone did a great job this weekend…wish I could have been there to watch!!!
    Thursday 8/26/10
    Alpharetta PAL 5k Run & Challenge 5k – 7:00pm
    You can register at follow the link

  3. Glad to be apart of the weekend with all who competed and those that showed up just to get a free T-Shirt and eat a burger. Good to see all the folks from CFNF show up and support as well. Can’t say I felt great about my performance but it was a fun day! T.J. way to go on finishing 2nd in two WOD’s!

  4. Least said about my performance the better, but I’m glad I went and spectated. I know what to expect now and know mentally I have to be a lot stronger! Looking forward to the next one and getting a lot stronger between now and then.

  5. Big thanks to everyone that came out and supported. It was a good time. It was beastly hot and humid to say the least. I definitely second Bostic and Ben’s comments…now I know what to expect and how to train for the next one. Great job TJ and Nicole way to represent.

  6. the workout was fun…my time was 8:38 rx…..great sweat…..big lunch crowd…always happy to see everyone….day one for the week….also…the scale is fixed if anyone wants to weigh themselves….:)

  7. Lunch time WOD for me today. 315 BS and 6:03 RX on the WOD.
    Fun challenge Saturday. Thanks to all that came out to support. Huge crowd to say the least!
    Looking forward to our next challenge, FGB right? Any nominations for the T-shirt and burger committee?

  8. Thanks for being kind to all of those you beat! No names…..

  9. Free burgers, dogs and beer on September 3rd after the 5:00pm class! I hope to witness the century wod this time!

  10. or at least a 1/16th Murph.
    Way to sweat it out at the garage games. Wish I could have seen everyone. Nice work and I look forward to the next event!
    We had a marathon of our own this week-end. It was quite impressive.

  11. Not sure if you’re talking the marathon at the pool bar or on the dance floor or in the shops of St. Simons, but all equally impressive. Oh wait, you probably meant the trolley marathon! Duh!

  12. Or the sharks and rocks = death marathon!

  13. don’t forget the bee