Coach Mike Burgener and his Atlanta Cert crew.

6 rounds for time:

3 Reps Anyway Overhead – 185 lbs
6 Pull Ups (Chest to Bar)
9 Push Ups (Clapping)

Post times to comments.  WOD courtesy of CrossFit Football.


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  1. Wow that got heavy fast. Good job to JT, beat me by almost 2mins. I’m not too displeased with finishing though. A few months ago, that workout would have been beyond me. Thanks to Spider and Brad for the support.
    See you all Friday.

  2. Fun WODing with the lunch crew today. Great Oly lifting session with Andy and Ben. Great job guys

  3. that was fun. Set PR’s on overhead squats and power cleans today with Brad, JT and Ben’s help then did this WOD, which, as Ben said, got heavy fast. It was a tough one, but a good one.

  4. great job to sophia and nicole at lunch! you guys are so strong and you really pushed me on back squats and those ridiculous clapping pushups.

  5. and also thanks to jacklyn for being an awesome cheerleader!