Pebbles got a new PR on her Clean and Jerk at the Masters Nationals!  Nice job!

HQ Rest Day.  

Alt WOD trainer's choice.

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  1. bsawkins says

    Great job to everyone who competed at the Masters! It’s extremely inspiring to see what is being accomplished by our coaches and athletes alike.

  2. Pebbles!!! Great job. Strong like bull.

  3. That was a great workout. Shout out to the lunch crowd. Everyone did a wonderful job. Meatball, thanks for that workout. My shoulders are going to be more defined in time for summer.

  4. bsawkins says

    Good job everyone at lunch! I’m starting to get back into it slowly and did some slightly heavier back squats than last week and am feeling pretty good. The WOD hurt from the start, given that I did the Open WOD yesterday, but it was good working out with Blake at lunch.
    Katie, the money I owe you is in the office in an envelope. Sorry it took so long to get it to you.
    Andy, there is an envelope with your name on it also, that pays off our Superbowl/Playoffs bet.
    I think I am now square with everyone. Thanks for taking my money. LOL! See everyone at lunch tomorrow.

  5. Christine says

    What’s the Alt WOD?