Clean and Jerk (30 Min Time Limit)


Beginners:  Front Squat + Push Jerk


Rest 10 Minutes

50 Pull Ups (CTB for Big Dawgs)

100 Wall Balls

Post load/time to comments.

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  1. really? you couldn’t crop me out?

  2. See you at lunch HAGS?

  3. yep!!

  4. I have been the biggest slacker but I will see both of you at lunch too. Tough WOD to come back to.

  5. Good job lunch crowd! Great to see the gym so full today!
    Fun WOD with Brad today. 30 sec row sprint; 30 sec Double Unders, walk one min X 20.
    Good one.

  6. I’ll be in at 5pm for lifting and pull-up WB fun.

  7. that was fun…great job everyone…..some fast times today……wall balls…UGH!!!! my time 13:59 rx….Q did great on the pull-ups….and was a fun wod believe it or not…see everyone tomorrow!

  8. Day one goes to HAGS!!!
    Great job Q on the rx after vacation
    Everyone did wonderful.
    Shout out to Kevin for a sub 8 minute finish.
    Great crowd and good energy today from everyone.
    HAGS beat me by 20 seconds or 8 wallballs.
    I’ll take that because the last time I did this wod it took be about 30 minutes. (yes, I was and still am slow).
    JPo, are you running? (I’m not but need too)

  9. forgot to write my numbers up today…9:39 RK and 245 on CJ. Starting over on CJ, need to get back on track.

  10. Newbie here. 109/24:38 with bands and 12 lb. ball. Lots of room for improvement.