DSC_0016Hammer time.

MONDAY 110606

Snatch balance 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

Allison Bishop 133-138-153-158-163-168-173lbs.


15 OHS  135/95

50 Abmat Wall Balls

800m Med Ball run

100 Double Unders

Post load/time to comments.


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  1. Affiliate Team- Mapquest is reading that it is 20 minutes to Garage. Probably double that with traffic. Can everyone meet at 6? We can hop in to 1 or 2 cars and head over to be ready by 7. This should be quick and we will head right back to CFNF as soon as we are done. We will have to judge the other teams as well…just FYI.
    I love this work out but I may just snatch balance and save my energy for tonight. We ended up running about 8 miles sat in the race and I am feeling it a little.
    Just let me know you read this by leaving a response, otherwise I will e-mail everyone.
    In addition, Ben…if you want to hold off b/c of your back that would be OK…I know your still healing.
    Lastly, we will be hosting the WOD Saturday at our gym. 10 am is supposed to be the time but we may have to adjust b/c of class and LaCrosse. I will let you know ASAP but plan on Sat. AM for sure.

  2. stringer says

    wait…the workout is tonight? I am out at the beach all week, i misunderstood and thought it was next Monday. I’ll be back Saturday 6/11.

  3. bsawkins says

    So with Stringer out, I can definitely have a crack at this tonight and see what happens. I DL’d 275 for the workout on Friday so it should be fine.
    As I am over by the Garage anyway, I will plan to drive separately and meet you there. Are you planning on getting there for 6.30pm or later. Is it a 7pm start or 7pm start to warm-up. Just want to make sure I get time to warm-up properly.

  4. Ben….we plan to get there a little before 7 and start around 7.
    Stringer this started this past Saturday but we re-scheduled cause our team was out of town. SOunds like you will miss next Sat too.

  5. Good sweat. Good lunch time crew, quite large. Everyone did great.

  6. bsawkins says

    Sounds good. Thanks Pistol. I aim to get there around 6.30pm-6.40pm, so that I can warm up properly.

  7. I hope you all do a great job!!! Let’s go CFNF. Be strong like bulls!!!