Front Squat
 Front Squat

3 X 3

Add 5lbs from your last front squat.  The weight should be the same weight for all three sets.  



MONDAY 111010


21-15-9 reps of:
225 pound Deadlift
Handstand push-ups

Laurie Galassi 2:53 (155lbs), Annie Sakamoto 3:31 (155lbs), Candice Ruiz 3:57 (185lbs).
Post time to comments.


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  1. One of my favorite Paleo Dishes made it to the Foodee Yay! It was really really good, just a little time consuming.

  2. Ben, I also made some Paleo protein waffles this Sunday with the protein powder we order. They were really good and the kids really loved them. I put it on my blog yesterday so check it out.

  3. Pebbles are you available on Nov 5th? Way to make the Foodee Project again!!!

  4. Awesome, I will. Thanks!

  5. Awesome Pebbles!!
    Also, has anyone seen this yet? Its in March, but I think it looks ridiculously fun. 🙂

  6. Ben that dish on Foodee is amazing and the Waffles were too. Our kids love the waffles. I could eat that Eggplant dish every night.

  7. I’m sorry. I’ve been trying to work it out but it looks like no. So sorry!!! Garrett is gone that week end as u know and no sitter.

  8. Pebbles don’t be sorry. That just gives me more time to get stronger and get closer to my 400lb goal (yes it’s in my head for one rep).

  9. sweet. Beast!!!!

  10. good rainy day to workout… lunch crew…..Q and britt ..thanks for letting me work in my front squats with u…..sammy spider ben scott and stringer all did great…jacklyn…miss u…see u tomorrow??? my time today was 13:16rx…..liked this workout…my vote for best dressed at gym today was stringer….:)
    see everyone at lunch tomorrow….

  11. Now I am surprised by that best dressed award, certainly Stringer looked good in his black T’shirt, I had a dark red timberland number on today and a dirty white undershirt too. I mean what more do you want?…oh you meant his shirt and tie. LOL!

  12. Ben, great time tonight. Everytime you post your score on the leaderboard by the squat racks, it makes me work even harder.
    Felt pretty good tonight until midway through the set of 21, when I had a strong pinch from my left glute to my knee. Thought about quitting, but powered through it and it never came back on the set of 15 or 9. Good WOD…3:21 rx

  13. it was his matching workout attire…..:)

  14. Good going JT, that’s moving, I thought I’d set a good target, I guess I need to go even quicker. LOL!