MONDAY 120227

Three rounds for time of:
Row 300 meters
20 Wallball shots, 20 pound ball
10 Pull-ups

Courtney Modecki 8:26. Post time to comments.

WOD #1 was quite a workout!  Totally unexpected.  What do you think WOD #2 will be?


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  1. this looks fun….see the usual at lunch…always love 3 rds…

  2. Not sure exactly what exercises will be involved in Open WOD #2, but I’m betting on a 21/15/9 rep structure.

  3. I’m hoping it’ll be C2B pull-ups and hand stand push-ups to get me back into this thing. Totally F’d WOD 1 up in so many ways and have left a lot to do in the remaining four WOD’s.
    It’ll be an AMRAP IN 10mins of reasonably heavy squat cleans and double-unders I reckon. Maybe 155/105 something like that?

  4. Best workout I have had in weeks thanks to Kevin and everyone cheering us both on. Lots of fun even though we were both feeling the effects of WOD1 of the Open.
    Back Squatted @ 275 5×3
    Shoulder Press @ 150 5×3
    WOD 6.45Rx
    See you all tomorrow.

  5. Good wod today. Kaylyn did her pullups unassisted today and got an RX!!
    Go Kaylyn!!!
    Mandy did great.
    HAGS led the ladies today, great working out with you!!
    Thanks to Kevin and Ben for a nice show.

  6. always enjoy my JACKLYN time….Kaylyn did great on the pull-ups…..gotta watch her…:) mandy and spider were working hard…and ben and kevin really workout well together….that was fun …see everyone tomorrow! britt worked hard on backsquats and burpees….damn sulcers…haha!