MONDAY 100412

Snatch balance 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

Spencer Hendel 285lbs, Chris Spealler 245lbs, Eric O'Connor 235lbs, Andy Hendel 185lbs, Tanya Wagner 125lbs. Post loads to comments.

Yesterday's WOD will also be on the board.

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  1. Well the Butch Clan is not well. Ryan threw up all night which kept me up all night. Garrett is not 100% and even my Mom feels yuk! Collin is great though. So I may not make this my first day back. Love me some snatch balances though.
    Meatballl…..I swear I will get our fish from you soon and thanks you guys for covering my classes while I was gone.

  2. No snatch balances today, unless you work it in outside the WOD. Erin was the WOD.
    15:48 Rx
    Hope you guys get better soon.

  3. Better hurry up and pick up your. I’m cravin sushi.

  4. You are really just attached to blue.