We will be making up Elizabeth today.


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  1. Does anyone have a pair of Converse All Stars/Chuck Taylors in the size of mens 7.5-8.5 that I could borrow for the weekend? They should be returned in the same condition as I got them in.

  2. just wear Garretts

  3. Hey….I left 4 pair of BELL BOTTOMS at the gym for anyone who wants them. I got them off e-bay and you are welcome to them for the party. I do NOT need them back so you can alter them, paint them, cut them off ….whatever.
    Did Starting Strength again today at 7. Back Squat and Bench Press and Chins. Easy so far but I will not be saying that in a couple weeks.

  4. mine are size 7 (but i wear size 8 in nikes, if that helps)

  5. would they look super awesome on me?

  6. nobody has feet that size, maybe you could get some from my 8 year old cousin

  7. nice pic…that was one hell of a workout! Did Elizabeth yesterday, guess I can come in and do a random WOD, take up space, and then leave my wieghts everywhere…

  8. Stringer, I did Elizabeth yesterday, too. Brad had me do the HQ WOD (rowing/bench press – subbing pushups with a weighted vest for the bench presses).

  9. sounds awesome…how was it?

  10. do-able but i was drenched in sweat afterwards:) you’ll kill it.

  11. I can’t do push ups yet. After Friday, my push upper is not functioning.

  12. I need shoes… not flippers.

  13. totally! I dare ya!

  14. BUT you and JT have DD’s! ha!

  15. funny. yes we do. I actually had to get a new bra this weekend. When is the next “bra event” at the gym? I may need to attend if I do that many push ups again.

  16. yes, 400 push ups will do that!

  17. Is this Bostic?

  18. Fellow CFNFers and 5krunners: There’s a 5k in Sandy Springs this Saturday the 19th benefitting prostate cancer research that I am doing in honor of my friend, Tony Carusone, who died at too young of an age from this disease. If any of you are interested in joining me, I’m just gonna sign up the day of the race, but will be happy to carpool with anyone. Let me know. Here’s the website: