Awesome WOD with CrossFit Addiction this Saturday. 

MONDAY 100809

Three rounds for time of:
95 pound Ground to overhead, 10 reps
200 yard Shuttle sprint, 50 yards there and back twice (rock to end of blue parking lot twice!  touch that rock!)

Dave Lipson 2:57, Rob Orlando 2:58, Eric Magee 3:07, Chris Spealler3:19, Jason Leydon 3:32, Denise Thomas 3:35 (65lbs), James Hobart3:48, Peter Egyed 3:50, Kristan Clever 5:27 (95lbs), Rebecca Voigt 5:40 (95lbs). Post times to comments.

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  1. 4:07 RX…ground to overhead was easy, run hits the legs quick. Definetly wish I had pushed it harder…Heading back in for #2 at 5.

  2. what’s your #2 WOD today?

  3. Nice Rx this morning Jpo and Xena!!!

  4. Is anyone doing their SF heat WOD tomorrow? I can be there by 5:30 PM if anyone is interested, otherwise I will set up a time to do it on my own later this week. They are due to Andy by Saturday.

  5. i was planning on doing it tomorrow, Simon. I think Bostic and Stringer were going to do them as well, but we haven’t spoken about it since last week.

  6. Thanks, Pistol. It was that nagging Breeze that made us into the BadAsses that we are:)

  7. I am going to plan to do them tomorrow at lunch and put them on the board somewhere for you Andy. Does that work? How did you get lumped with this anyway, or did you volunteer?

  8. 5.04 rx today. Not great and totally screwed it up as I was trying to power snatch from a clean position; so ugly and slow as a result. Never mind, runs were easy. LOL!

  9. Thanks:)

  10. doing Saturday’s WOD…did you do it already? I think Bostic and I are hitting it up…

  11. a bunch of us have been training for the games and we just decided to work out together to get the times in. I think Simon was referring to the “Andy” that owns The Garage, however, in her post. It would be great for you to post it to the board so we see what you did, but you only need to do it and submit it to Andy on the garage’s should have that from when you signed up for the games.

  12. Ah, LOL! You sure you can’t send them in for me? LOL! What a tool I am. Ok, cheers. My bad.

  13. Yes, I was referring to Andy McCann. You need to send him your heat WOD results by Saturday at

  14. did Saturday’s WOD at 5…4:21 RX.