Ten rounds of:
1 Clean and Jerk
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats
Heather Bergeron 155lbs in 12:45.
Post load and time to comments.

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  1. Don’t forget Halloween Party this Saturday
    October 30th
    Costume required
    See Community calender for details

  2. Looks like a fun wod…see everyone at 5.
    WDE…#1…ACC WHAT?!?!

  3. Woohoo!! Go Tigers!

  4. Nice lunch crowd today! Great job to G-Dog for actually doing a metcon today. I actually thought he was joking when he said he was going to do the WOD.

  5. G-Dog has been killing the WODs.

  6. I squeezed this WOD in today….95 pounds clean and jerks….14:58rx…felt good to start my week off with a good sweat…..I also lost a few pounds…:) Lunch crowd did a great job!!!

  7. Whoa Hagler you rocked it!!! Lunch time is the best time. Everyone did a great job!!

  8. you too…..our times were very close….I need to keep my eye on you….:)

  9. 225 and 13:07 for me RX…should have gone a bit heavier…really fun WOD. 6 AM for me tomorrow…

  10. Up yours Ed. How about that.
    Same to you Bostic. I was so slow today that I may actually have come close to being slower than Breeze.

  11. Thats doubtful.

  12. good workout to start the week. thanks to pebbles, stacy, and ed for coaching 🙂

  13. Had to do at home, Ironman doesn’t get you in the shape to do Crossfit! 32:30 and not even close to RX but glad to be back!