Back Squat

1 X 5

Met Con:


Hang DB Squat Cleans (45,25) / Clapping Push Ups

Post load and time to comments.

CrossFit Dahlonega is having a challenge this weekend called "The Ten"   We have a few people planning on competing.  It starts at 8:00am.  If you have time this Saturday go root for them.  It's only 45 minutes north and it's a beautiful drive.  We will still hold regularly scheduled classes.

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  1. We can’t make it three days with no posting so ..Happy Monday! Have fun in the rain….

  2. Good job to Ben yesterday on his push ups! But Ben probably would have done better if was Scottish.

  3. Back Squat 205 or 210 I can’t remember.
    Good little WOD today. 6:59RX.
    Looking forward to watching Bostic Sat. Anyone else doing the 10?

  4. andy reckles says

    I am.

  5. Cool. Hope its fun and best of luck!

  6. Thanks Ed! it was nothing compared to yours or Andy’s times and fell some way short of Stringer, but 4th isn’t too bad.
    Not bad today, Oly and then made up Jeremy (21-15-9 OHS (95lbs) and Burpees)from Friday, 4.37Rx. Thanks Hagler for timing!

  7. Love the singing snowman! Thank you Jpo for the almond bread!

  8. i am too

  9. It was great having Mariah in the gym tonight! Everyone look out cause she is definitely someone to chase!

  10. missing the gym yall! Hope to be in to do something soon!

  11. We miss you too.
    yay JT. You will have me cheering for you for sure!!!!!!

  12. 🙂