Monday – Happy Birthday Katie!

Those Jr. Hornets are always so serious!

Back Squat

1 X 5


MONDAY 110418

Three rounds for time of:
Run 100 meters
50 Push-ups
Run 100 meters
50 Sit-ups
Run 100 meters
50 Squats
Run 100 meters
50 Back extensions

Post time to comments.



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  1. Love the pic! Looking forward to some back squats tomorrow. Lovin these old school WODs too.
    Hope to WOD at 8:30. If not probably by myself around 11am.
    Sad to see the week-end end BUT looking forward to an awesome week and some great work outs.

  2. Happy Birthday Katie (GND)….have a great day and enjoy yourself.

  3. So I thought this was one round…but it was 3. Thank God my clients showed up at at he end of 2 so I had to stop :). The push ups are what got hard.
    Back Squatted 1 x 5 @ 200 then 2 RNDs of today’s WOD.
    Caswell did yetsreday’s WOD “Hammer” and I wished I had done that. Looked cool.
    Good to see Trego back.

  4. Happy B-day GND

  5. Happy Birthday GND. Looking forward to seeing you in the gym soon.

  6. Good job to everyone at lunch for completing the workout, a lot of RX’s, but it hurt. The runs were so nice and short, it was a chance to get a breather.

  7. Well that was crap-tastic.

  8. After being at the beach for a week and in Vegas most of last week, thaaaat WOD’s gonna leave a mark!
    Great to be back and see everyone though…thanks Ben for the push there at the end.

  9. ok…my time was 38:05 rx….actually liked the push-ups….the ghd machine…not so much. Great lunch crowd today….challenging workout….looking forward to tomorrow…see everyone at 11:30( hope you too jacklyn)…

  10. Christine says

    That one was a beast. Great job, Hags. I could have used you as motivation today. Greg and I crapper out after 2 rounds (we did back squats first)… Back for more tmrw. Happy bdy Katie.

  11. Christine says

    * crapped * We crapped out…. Damn auto type.

  12. Did Hammer today at Crossfit Pulse. Nice people. Rx the weight.
    Great job Hags. Yes I will see you tomorrow.

  13. badass