Three rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
50 Back Extensions
50 Sit-ups

Post time to comments.  Burpee Challenge Day 22.  Buy in 231.

ATTN:  Hickey's fight is at Wild Bill's on November 8th.  Click on the link in the sidebar for more info.

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  1. Good job Xena. Nice to hear about the wedding too. Can’t wait to see some pictures.Congrats Bam Bam!!!!!!!
    I am consistent. 26 something. Did not stop on the run though.
    My first goal is to get under 25.
    Nice work Hickey and Kirtley this early am.
    Hickey…looking good for the fight!!!!
    Glad to have run this am. I need to come back and do Michael again due to over indulgence in Halloween treats.

  2. Great job today Simone! Nadler, you have issues!
    Ed’s helpful tip #1: When after ripping your hands from doing PUs, try not to immediately hand-wash your dishes with very hot water. It’s kinda’ painful. I would recommend using a dishwasher.

  3. I don’t normally trash-talk but have to throw this out to the Auburn “Whatever” fans (Tigers, Plainsmen, War Eagles, whatever). Auburn hosts Tennessee-Martin, my alma mater, this weekend. Do NOT take the Skyhawks lightly! This is not your typical throw-away homecoming opponent…..beware!

  4. Wild Thing says

    Once again, Nadler is apologizing for behavior. Yall can put me in TimOut tomorrow! Had fun doing Michael. It’s the only thing i can do rx.
    P.S. Thanks Ed! Love u 2!

  5. Craig’s helpful tip for blisters: soaking them in water/Epsom salts dries em out real good.

  6. Wild Thing says

    DD ask Pistol how I got my nickname! I am sure she will share!

  7. It’s the Tigers. Thanks for the warning, but just because they pretty well suck this year doesn’t mean they won’t have the [other] scrubs gettin some playing time.
    What is a skyhawk anyway?

  8. Spider – a Skyhawk is an angry, nasty bird of prey with a shrp beak and razor talons.

  9. I see. So sort of like an Eagle, but smaller and inferior in the natural order of things (including football).

  10. We only have one mascot – a Skyhawk. We don’t pick and choose one of three like the baffled Auburn folks.