Michael needs a longer bar for Deadlifts.  Sorry 'bout using your tape Peggy! 

HQ Rest Day today. A card will be drawn from the Hopper Deck. 

Post time to comments.

Burpee Challenge Day 3.  Buy in 2

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  1. Hopper said “Fran.” 7:10 RX. Great job early morning crew – Hicky, Doc and especially Jenny who gutted out her first Fran RX. Way to go!

  2. Way to go Jenny for your first rx’d Fran. That’s awesome!

  3. Jen, well done for doing Fran RX this morning! Trooper!

  4. Awesome work today guys – Thankyou for the support this morning, really would have given up if there was no encouragement!

  5. Carrie CFDahlonega says

    Hey Family! I just got back from Ramona, CA. The Kids cert was fantastic! I saw three other gyms while I was out there. I had a blast. It’s good to be home in the mountains though. I learned so much while I was out there. If you need any help with Kids programs just give me a call. See ya’ll soon!

  6. For those interested in the burpee challenge ,
    here is the link to view the participants :
    If you would like to add your name into the mix, just send me an email : mikehawe678@gmail.com or post to the blog.
    Hope to be in the gym later on this evening if I am not bogged down at work.

  7. Michael, Just wanted to let you know that Justin wants to join the challenge even though he is down at FLETC. Hope every one has a great weekend!

  8. Great time today Austin ! A sub 4 min. Fran !
    Nice meeting you Craig, hope to see you back soon.

  9. Great time today Austin! A Fran under 4 minutes! Nice meeting you Craig, hope to see you back soon.

  10. I am gonna buy in down the road and just do a bunch as part of a workout!
    3:59 Fran today…
    it hurt pretty bad…
    good job ed (4:02), I will do it again in a few months. We will go head to head and “Put a wager on it” haha

  11. Oh yeah and I want to also give MAJOR props to kirtley for doing her Fran Rx today. Its a bitch of a workout. awesome job….for a brit 🙂

  12. Great time Austin!

  13. Wow! great Fran performances today! Austin & Big Ed, I feel a showdown comin! Kudos again to Kirtley!

  14. Just did Fran for the first time… Should be called Hurricane Fran.. Thanks Big Ed! I’ll be back for more fun. Hope to see ya there.