Happy Birthday Scott aka Muffin

DSC_0092Michael crushed yesterdays WOD with 8:07!

"Fight Gone Bad Hold 'em"

Thank you CFNFers for all your donations to the Wounded Warrior Project.  We passed our goal!  Classes will be held at 8:00am, 9:00am and 10:00am.  The WOD will be FGB Hold 'em style.  This is a two person team workout where each team member will receive a half a deck of cards in which each suit will be a designated movement.  Complete the number designated for your card.  Jacks are 11 reps, Queens are 12 reps, Kings are 13 reps, Aces are 14 reps and Jokers are 1 muscle up or 10 pull ups.  If you finish your deck first help your partner finish theirs.


Happy Birthday Muffin!

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  1. Happy Birthday Muffin.
    That was a lot of fun. Even the box jumps. It has been a while. Thanks Hicky for being such a great partner…. and Hicky and I finished at the same time XENA AND JPO!!!!!
    I really enjoyed the fun 8 am crowd. Lots of laughs and giggles.
    Happy Saturday and Cheers to the Pandas.
    PS. Pistol is going to start her own line of work out knee socks and interesting CrossFit hold’ em cards.

  2. Dear. Ms. Cooke and Mr. Trego
    You both better be looking over your shoulder after you both set up my stack today.

  3. Great job to Hicky and Pebbles!

  4. Thanks for the Muffin’s Kim and Brad…made my day. 🙂