Fridaypm Looking good! 

HQ rest day.  Come see what Ed has in store for you.  No Yoga today.

Good luck Katie, Blake & Pistol!

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  1. Thanks Ed. We were all “putting out” hard yesterday.

  2. Andy, Thanks for your PU tips — I did a couple on rings after you left.
    Oh and I might choose a different part of the mat next time. Next to you, I’ve got an eerie ghost-like glow.

  3. Good job everyone!
    I finally worked out, kinda hard after relaxing (and eating like a slob) the past week. Did “Michael” – 18:35, over 2 min. PR. Good enough to get close to Blake and Craig, btw guys, I was cramping the whole time and walked on the last run, so don’t think your times are safe! Hicky, you probably don’t have to worry about me, I’m not even close to your time.
    Anton, glad to see you finally made it to our gym. You did extremely well today.
    Go Team Pistol!
    Go Team Schoob and GND!

  4. Peggalicious says

    Great work out today Ed – my legs will be cussing you tomorrow! I’m finally caught up on my double unders (instead of burpees) – had to do 304 today!
    Give us an update on how Pistol is doing.

  5. ‘PU tips’ – hmmmmm….

  6. Update from jax: there are so many words i could use to describe pistols performance today; awesome, amazing, but I think inspirational says it best.
    First, she was definitely the hottest female competitor with her hot pink tank and her shades, which she kept on even during the suicides.
    Second, no one, male or female, came close to her form on clean and jerks, pull ups, etc.
    After doing suicides and dead lifts in the first WOD, she was experiencing pain from her injury to her leg. But she went on to an amazing performance in her second
    WOD of clean and jerks and pull ups. Her hands didn’t fare too well on the pull ups tho. I think we can all relate to that.
    The third WOD consisted of 20DUs 10 WBs 1 rope climb 5 rounds. She had her leg taped but was continuing to experience such pain that she basically did the entire workout on one leg!
    The entire gym was alternately crying and cheering. It was like a disney movie It was the ultimate definition of mental toughness. Every person was coming up to her afterwards telling her what an inspiration she was to them. It was something we will never forget.
    CFNF is certainly lucky to call her our own.
    -xena and nitro

  7. Peggalicious says

    Thanks for the update!
    Pistol – you rock!