Look who's working out!

HQ Rest Day.  Alt WOD:

400 m run for time
Karen – 150 Wall Balls for time
100 Sit Ups for time

Post times to comments.


Attn:  Hicky's last fight until sometime after she returns from her world tour is this Saturday!  Get tickets now! 

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  1. It’s Sweatman!

  2. Yay Brad!

  3. Carrie CFDahlonega says

    Hey Family! Check this out.
    A lot of us will be there, I say CrossFit takes over! I signed up for the ten and Blake is going at 10:40. Most of our people will be going in the morning! Give me call if you guys want to hook up for lunch or Navy Seal Workout Time! 770-337-7993

  4. Nadler, Wild Thing, Crazy Bitch says

    In a strange way, I enjoyed today!! I think I like these on rest days instead of just another WOD. Anyone want to come to my house for chicken? Just Joking!

  5. Breeze….
    May the force be with you! You look like the most fit Crossfitter around for a 4 month hiatus.
    I know you look better than one that has been out for two months. Good news is the back feels a lot better and was strong enough to do Sunday’s workout in the basement. Will drop by and say hey soon.
    Best to all my CFNF peeps. Its awesome staying in touch through a blog even though I haven’t been able to see ya’ll.

  6. Sammy, dude, when r u coming back? We miss you!

  7. Soon…..
    is that like: we miss you because your so much fun and you bring the general attitude of the place upward? (Brad speaking)
    is that like: we miss grinding your pansy ass into the horse mats with a smile! (??? speaking)
    I miss ya’ll too. Looks like some freaks of nature have been being built in the last two months….can’t wait to have my back return to where I can handle a couple times a week.
    Merry Christmas to all!

  8. Congrats Brad. So glad to see you back. I had fun with ALL of today’s WOD’s.
    Hi Sammy!!!!See you soon.

  9. Great job today everybody! Katie smoked me on the wallballs today…argh…next time, missy! Great job on the double unders, Pebbles & Austin!