DSC_0010-2   Look Who’s BACK!

Snatch 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Post loads to comments.

An alternate WOD will be posted in the gym.  Today is day 4 of the burpee challenge.  Buy in 6 burpees.

We had awesome performances for Fran yesterday.  Austin got 3:59 and Big Ed 4:02.  Jenny Kirtley got her first Rx’d Fran at 17:00!

 DSC_0017-2    DSC_0024-2  DSC_0002 

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  1. Remember if someone wants to buy in, they have to do the total number of burpees missed plus todays total. So they would need to do todays 4 + yesterdays 3 + two days ago 2 + three days ago 1…
    So buy in is 6 plus todays 4. total of 10
    I love the classic Brad pose.

  2. Hey, great day yesterday guys. Nice Fran time Ed and Austin. Congrats to Jenny too for first Rx Fran.
    The first work out I EVER did was Fran. Brad walked in and said we are Crossfitting…we are doing Fran….321 go. I used only the bar and he held my feet for pull us and it took me 17 minutes plus! That was over a year ago at UC Fitness.
    Nice smiling face up on the site today!!!!
    I did snatches today. Still in the early stages of working on form but I got up to 93# with success today.
    I still must do Kelly. It is my Nemesis.
    Will buy in burpees tomorrow. Ran out of time today b/c I ran my mouth too much with DD and Hicky.

  3. Great job 6am group.
    The workout definitely go the best of me. I am not going to list off the pains I felt in my body during the workout, otherwise, it may turn into an episode of House but I am glad that I was able to finish.
    I really appreciate the support and encouragement from Hicky and DD during my last round.
    If anyone is still interested in the burpee challenge and wants to have their progress tracked, please let me know via email : mikehawe678@gmail.com or through the blog.

  4. Pitiful performance on my “snatch”. I am the official president of the “hate the snatch” club!! Anyone want to join?

  5. Sorry Kim – I cannot join your club!
    Pebbles — your burpee buy-in tomorrow of 10 burpees was well worth the deep and relevant conversation you had with Hicky and I.

  6. Awesome times yesterday Austin and BigEd…way to go Jenny on your first rx fran!

  7. Definitely so D D.
    Nadler….don’t be a hater! You probably did better than you think.

  8. gigi..burpee hater to infinity and Beyond!! says

    Glad you are back Breeze! Hope to see you next week!!
    Where is Sherry, btw?

  9. Hmmm a snatch WOD and a picture of Brad…..how appropriate.

  10. Umm Yeah I was that bad, kim recorded me and I viewed it back! I would be sent to Crossfit Dentention if there was one!!
    Still President!! You did not convince me DD or Pebbles!

  11. crossfit detention, i like it.
    a good observation was made about brad’s pose. very classic πŸ™‚
    see you all later tonight!

  12. Funny!

  13. Nice snatches on video ladies (that just sounds wrong). It’s definately going to be a while before my snatch lifts are video worthy.
    Jacob, you are my idol!
    Anyone here going to CFNA’s party next week?

  14. Great job today Simone. Way to grind through it. You definitely have come a long way in a short time. Big props to you!
    now its time for a beer.
    did jackie tonight…7:30, will do much better next time.

  15. kim, as much as it makes me blush to say this…
    i saw your snatch online. i’m impressed.

  16. Hey guys, Hicky’s fight is confirmed for November 8th at 8p.m. She is fighting at Wild Bill’s in Duluth ; and we want as many friends as possible to see Hicky kick ass !!!!! Tickets will be available at gym… $25.00 each.. Mark your calenders, eighteen and older can get in the venue, looking forward to seeing everyone there. Thanks, Hagler

  17. Mike Reagan says

    Don’t worry Hicky we can have a rematch of the WOD when I come back to visit so you can try to beat me! I can’t wait to come back and visit the box.