Lil’ Nikki leads the boys.  Oops!  Luna-tic was supposed to be syncronized.

HQ Rest Day.

Alternate WOD:

3 Rounds
500 m row
12 bodyweight deadlifts
21 burpees

Post time to comments.

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  1. I love this work out. It reminds of the one called Christine. Rowing and dead lifts are two of my favorites. I hate to miss this, but we are heading to NC for another autism walk.
    See ya Monday.

  2. Thats weird I did this one at One World. Can’t remember if I got the idea from here or there. Either way its harder than it looks! Those burpees paired with the rows really messed me up. Have a good weekend Pebbles and Gdog, good luck!

  3. Fun wod today! I actually beat Hicky by 1 second. Hoss is my witness! The reason I beat her is b/c we moved the rowers during the 8:30 class so they are right next to the deadlift area. I’m sure Hicknatious woulda smoked me if she hadn’t had to walk so far to her rower! G & P, safe travels. See you when you get back!

  4. PS Luna-tic, you still look handsome even though you weren’t synced with the rest!

  5. “As Hoss is my witness…I’ll not lose to Hicky again”. That’s actually how Pistol put it as she finished, looked to the sky then down at her watch, and noticed she just did clip Hicky’s time.
    As with all Burpee work outs…always take a few pieces of the gym home with ya. I think I’m going to change my name to Hoss aka Burpee hater #2…darn those things.

  6. Wild Thing says

    Whose is interested in doing another BODYFAT loss CHALLENGE? This one could be a little longer than the last one say start now until Dec 31st that way we start off the 2009 already in tip top shape. $100 to throw your name in? That $1000 prize was just the motivation I needed to eat right!! Enough of my friends, Char, Martini, chips & salsa, etc….!!! Let me know and we can get it coordinated!!!
    Yes, Pistol, my Kyle is very handsome!! Thanks

  7. Wild Thing says

    Anyone interested in another BODYFAT loss CHALLENGE? That $1000 prize was just the right motivation for me to lose my friends char, martini, chips&salsa, etc…!!! $100 to throw your name in and this one will be judged on Dec 31st so we start off 2009 in tip top shape!!! Let me know if you are interested and we will coordinate it.
    Yes, Pistol, my Kyle is very handsome, thanks!

  8. Wild Thing says

    oops, I posted it twice!! Sorry!

  9. great job 4:30! Was a fun time…especially since I didn’t do the workout 🙂
    see everyone this weekend!

  10. Do I have to share this time Nadler?

  11. Wild Thing says

    Why Kim, do YOU think you will again or something?! No you do not have to share if you win. This contest will be survival of the fittest, no exceptions!!!

  12. I look good as the leader. Don’t I ?