Last Day of the Challenge!


HQ Rest Day.  Come see what's on the board!  Today we wrap up the challenge!  Get in here and get your team some points!  As of yesterday the Pimps were in the lead by 2 points.

Congratulations to Jonah who graduated from Elkins Pointe Middle School yesterday.  I feel bad for the teachers at Roswell High School!


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  1. Sorry VS for missing today. Not cool of me. Hope everyone has a awesome long weekend.

  2. Great job to those of you who actually showed up today….pitiful turnout.

  3. Congratulations Jonah!
    I bought you a season pass to the Beat Down Room for graduation. Feel free to bring a friend.

  4. Austin McLean says

    Congrats Jonah, high school chicks are freakin hot.

  5. Dateline NBC would like a word with you.