Lpullup  L-pull up day!  So many great photos and not 'nuff space to put em! 



Alt WOD:

400 m run
20 Push ups
400 m run
20 push ups – 30 OHS bar or pvc
400 m run
20 push ups – 30 OHS – 40 sit ups
400 m run
20 push ups – 30 OHS – 40 sit ups – 50 box jumps
400 m run

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  1. nice workout just in time for spring! Nadler can you let me know what your husbands email is again…Thanks!

  2. Great WOD. I would like many of these this month before we hit the beach!!! Felt great to be outside.
    Good job 8:30.

  3. Awesome job 6:00 am crew. All the girls did awesome and Doc, way to go on the squats. Your bikini bottom is gonna look great on Spring Break!

  4. I’m actually kind of sad I’m going to miss this one today! Never thought I would say that about a WOD with running in it…

  5. Great job ladies!
    Def a good WOD.
    Kim, thanks for all the help on my OHS.

  6. It was beautiful to run…my time was 36 minutes RX..way behind Kim and Brad..but that was fun trying to keep up..I am looking forward to tomorrow..

  7. This wod was hard for me today! I told one of my clients earlier in the day that I predicted it would take me about 19 min to complete the wod. It took big ed about 26…I had to reevaluate. 28 and change. Nice job at 12:30, Kim!

  8. Those box jumps near the end are going to kill me. So I’m adding “drink a beer” to the end of my WOD.

  9. Big Ed and Kim, thanks for the instruction. I doubt I will be in the 2012 Olympics doing HSPUs but at least I have the confidence and cues to get my body positioned without leaving marks on the wall.
    In regard to today’s workout, it was tough but definitely a nice break from yesterday’s beast. My hands are still killing me.
    Anna, why beer when you could have Glenlivet and some cheese?

  10. That was a tough workout! Kim and Brad, thank you a million times for pushing me through those overhead squats. Until a week ago I fell over trying OHS with the bar until Pebbles taught me the correct form (Thanks Pebbles!).
    I took the 400s slow today, mostly because I dreaded the OHS. Kim kept telling me I could do it (I seriously didn’t think so) and thanks to her, the third round of them were actually my fastest! (I did 13 in a row on the last round but could only do 8 in a row at the most during the first two). And that was the first time I’ve EVER done box jumps RX. (albeit very slow).
    Had the last beer in the fridge when I got home.

  11. Oooh I didn’t think of that.
    Three fingers of Glenlivet, with a little bit of pepper…some cheese…might just be the perfect ending to a killer workout.

  12. Michael, you are welcome. I just thought of a drill (or 2) I think would help with your progression of kicking into a HS. Remind me next time you see me.