Happy Birthday Breeze!!!

Keggers vs. Winos from CrossFit North Fulton on Vimeo.

The Winos hold onto their lead.  

Keggers:  21 Participation and 6 Placing Points
Winos: 27 Participation and 18 Placing Points

TUESDAY 100112

Three rounds for time of: 
Walking lunge, 50 meters
Standing broad-jump, 100 meters
Run 200 meters

Post time to comments.

Broad Jumps must be 6ft to get the Rx.  Check out Tj's excellent form.

TJ's Standing Broad Jump from CrossFit North Fulton on Vimeo.


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  1. Let this aged wino give you young keggers some sage advice for today:
    Don’t Come In Today!! You will regret it. I promise you. To quote Pistol: “this WOD has a HUGE suck factor”
    I repeat: Do Not Show Up.

  2. Happy Birthday Brad.

  3. Happy Birthday Brad!
    …Wine-o’s, break a leg today! 😉

  4. Just a couple of things:
    1. Wino’s I did Angie yesterday in Miami (Alt WOD)..20:09..participation points
    2 Brad Happy Birthday
    3. Blake..I’m pretty sure my package looks better than yours in those “hot pants”..I know my legs do.

  5. happy b-day bradlymuffinpeaches, aka sweatman, aka breeze. why did u not tell me yesterday??
    hope you have a great day!!

  6. hahahahahahaha!!!!

  7. Happy Birthday Brad!

  8. Happy birthday dillhole

  9. Happy birthday Brad

  10. Todays WOD was lots and lots of fun!!! Ok Keggers this workout is totally geared for us young ones so get your butts in today and lets take ALL the placement points!!
    Hicky thanks for pushing me this morning! I love competing with you!!

  11. Happy Birthday Brad!

  12. Happy Birthday Brad! All the old wino ladies think you’re HOT!!!

  13. By random I decided to check out the old CFNF web-page. Watched the first video. All I can say is wow . . . The Ed impression was pretty on point too.

  14. I’m just watching this again and still cracking up. Hilarious. AND as I said on FB, when I was watching this I was eating BEEF JERKY! Too funny.
    Blake’s pants rock.

  15. racist

  16. Happy Bday Brad!

  17. Shut the hell up, Ed.

  18. Holy crap, that wod was fun/horrible! Great job noon class. Got my arse handed to me today, Wino’s, sorry! But at least I got us a participation point. Walking is difficult now.

  19. I can’t feel my legs…

  20. Fun Workout…?!? Legs have packed the bags and moved to Mexico.
    Hey just fill me in for fourth place….on all of the workouts. The winners may change day to day on the different WOD’s but you can just count on me for fourth! No points for almost.
    Great Job TJ….but, Meatball would have been busting your chops on a foot fault if you were working out at 12:30

  21. Hahahaha….I gotta watch out for my team!! All the other trainers are Winos

  22. Happy Birthday Brad! I knew there was a reason to like you — YOU ARE A CAPRICORN too. 🙂