Katie & Kim make a good team. 

Oh Snap!  It’s Fran today! 



95lb Thrusters/ Pull Ups

Post time to comments.

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  1. Wow!! Baby got back!! U set that up!!! JK! I will be at 8:30 class with a big “L” on my forehead!!

  2. Can’t wait to get some Fran lovin’
    Will be at the 6 PM class but probably ten minutes late. It’s my last day at work!

  3. 8:56 – my first RX.

  4. Great job DD..
    by the way I threw up a little when I read last night that it was fran….
    im freakishly sore still from FGB. My body hates me…

  5. Way to go Double D!

  6. Sweet time Double D. Welcome Lisa. I was 6 something today on Fran. Used the small white band for pull ups.But Rx thruster weight. Glad it’s over. Good job 8:30 crew.
    See ya tomorrow.

  7. Working out with the champs ( Hicky and Don) at the 6am workout provided a much needed boost to my workout.
    Set a PR (7:50) using the band for my pullups and Rx on the thrusters.
    Congrats to Don on his PR and Jenny on completing her first Fran.
    Look forward to tomorrow’s workout.

  8. Fran,……. Ms. Jackson if your Nasty!
    She always hurts. Sorry to miss everyone this weekend. I had a little girl turn 3 and her birthday interfered with my competition calendar….think I made the right call.
    First time since CTB standard on pull-ups and it added 2:01 to my time….had to break up pullups into ridiculous sets of three to four on the 15 round. Thrusters were 21-10-5-9 though. 8:11 Rx
    Coulda woulda shoulda broke 8…but pukie was stalkin’ me.
    Double Duece….. great time, it was awesome motivation. Shows you how Nasty Ms. Kim is with the Record on the board!

  9. The comment above that reads G-dog is Pebbles. Ooops. We share a home computer.

  10. Great time Austin!! I almost kept up with you on my first Fran.

  11. Pr – 4:38 Rx
    Second Pr – 20+ minutes laid out on the ground in agonizing pain. I hate Fran more than any other workout.
    Definitely a great first Fran Ed.

  12. It seems after reading some more on the HQ board, all the Chest To Bar work isn’t required for the benchmark time… Though it works pretty well for getting stronger.
    Crap, looks like I’m going to need to do this workout again with Chin to Bar PU’s.
    Awesome time Austin! I think I can get in the 5’s but the 4’s are still a ways off.

  13. Austin, your time was 4:28, not 4:38.

  14. Katie aka girl next door says

    Fran: 7:35 (a 4:30 PR from my first Fran in July)
    5k I did just for kicks after Fran: 22:30
    I’m thinking about running the Atlanta Half Marathon on Thanksgiving. Who’s with me?

  15. Awesome GND!!! 5k after Fran!?!, you are a beast!!! I am definately going to have start running again if I am going to keep up with you on the track. Hey, my Fran time was good enough to get me ranked for my age group!