_DSC0042 It's on!  Vice Squad vs. The Pimps!


21-15-9 reps of:
225 pound Deadlift-no dropping/bouncing the weight
Handstand push-ups – head must touch the floor

Post time to comments.

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  1. pimps?
    that’s the name of your team?
    you’re more like the pimp-les on Breesze’s butt.
    and what do you “pimp” anyway?
    all the bitchin’ hot Ho’s are on Vice Squad.
    except for you Xena.
    nitro (the vice bomb)

  2. Nice participation in the gym today. it was awesome to see so many people. Big shout out to Peaches on her hand stand push ups and to Jpo for uping that dead lift weight. Congrats to all who PR’d. It was an exciting am. Diane is an awesome WOD.
    See ya tomorrow.
    Pimps…you suck.

  3. I agree with Pebbles about the crowd. Big Ed, congratulations on killing the workout. If I could ever be as efficient as you on HSPUs, then my time would be unbelievable.
    Rest up, hydrate, and come back tomorrow. 3,2,1, GO.

  4. Sooooooooooo what are the standings?
    Pimps I will agree with Pebbles…YOU SUCK!
    Even though she is on the other team i need to give props to Pistol nice PR, Form, Time you killed it today!

  5. Hey Pimps and Vice Squad the scores will be up soon!!! Stay tuned…also the scoring will be changing just a little we will NOT be giving 3 points for PR’s everyone is just getting so good it will be too much to keep up with!
    Also want to say GOOD LUCK to Maryellen on behalf of Crossfit North Fulton she has her MMA fight tonight!

  6. Thanks Jpo. Cool update. Go Vice!!!!

  7. Look no Pimps posting must be sleeping cuz they could not handle today’s workout!

  8. I’m proud of vice today! Sorry I couldn’t be there today team, but I’m stuck at work all weekend.
    Let’s stay focused on our main objective– which is making my wife look bad; and we’ll do great!

  9. Yeah…suck it Miguel. You know you got to lash out because we’re going to kick your ass.

  10. hahahahahaha!

  11. Vice is in the lead!