It’s not Friday Yet WOD – No 4:30 class on Friday – Saturday the Atlanta Area CrossFit Affiliate Challenge will be hosted by CFNF!


I’m still learning how to take night pics!  Nice work Cindy!

Hero workout of your choice.

Post Hero and results to comments.

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  1. Hmmmm…such a selection of work outs to abuse myself with. I’m thinking Randy. 75 power snatches for time.
    See ya later.

  2. Great WOD.Long one!!! Whew. Thanks Brad and Kim. Great job Joy and Laura…..and Max
    See ya tomorrow.

  3. James CF Addiction says

    That hot blonde is Jamie Eason. She’s INSANELY good looking. I’d love to get her into CrossFit but her goals are more for looks than overall fitness. Still, she is a great motivator for my girls to work hard, eat right, and stay committed.

  4. Who, What………Huh,Where?

  5. Great job to everyone at the 6am workout.
    Look forward to tomorrow’s “taper” workout and Saturday.

  6. Sammy go to the CrossFit Addiction link to the left. And look at the picture from today: The toned or skinny one.
    You wont be sorry…

  7. Or to make your trip shorter…click on this link:
    probably not work safe though lol…or even wife safe

  8. Couple things to add…
    1. It is ok to send this link to yoour friends to vote for Brad
    2. If you are a male it is ok to vote for Brad no one will ever know you were on the Northside Womens site.
    3. Do we really want some boot camp guy to win this??
    Just some thoughts!