_DSC0035  I see some high cards there…That'd be great in Vegas!

Complete as many rounds as possible (AMRAP) of the following:

5 Ring Push Ups/10 Med Ball Cleans/15 Abmat Wall Ball

Post rounds to comments.

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  1. What a cute mommy/son! I

  2. Very cute. I love that pic.
    Thanx for a great WOD Brad and Kim. I love how it was very different. We needed that!
    Ran the loop after my 7 rounds today. That was the first time I ran that. It’s cool. I like it. The Zone is definitely helping because pebbles does not usually run on Sundays and/or after CrossFit WODs. :)Can’t wait for warm weather so it will be even more enjoyable!

  3. Had fun doing this workout…even liked Breeze yelling at me to finish up!!! I didn’t enjoy the ring push-ups but it felt great to get Monday out of the way…I got 8 rounds rx… can’t wait till tomorrow…

  4. Awesome job Hagler. 8 1/2 rounds is a lot of work. Way to go.
    I need someone to yell at me!
    maybe Breeze is not awake at 8:30??
    PS. I loved the push ups. They were really tough though.

  5. Fun WOD Breeze wrote today! I got 11 and 1/3. First two rounds with 12lb ball, last 9 1/2 with 14. Great job Hagler, Amanda & Tom! Kudos to Pebbles for running after!

  6. Way to go Pistol. Nice work!! It was a cool work out.

  7. Thanks Pistol for helping with that last round. Breeze thanks for standing by the board and counting…you mark the board so well!

  8. Great job pm crew! Welcome, Adam & Stephanie and welcome back Cortney! The girls rocked the house tonight! they used the same weight as the guys! CrossFit Chicks are BadAss!

  9. pistol…I thought for sure you would get ten but 11 and some change… great..looking forward to tomorrow…