_DSC0004HQ WOD:  Run a 5k.  An alt wod will be posted in the gym.

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  1. Nice Job ladies at 6am.
    Alt WOD is
    Run 400
    50 sit ups
    25 push ups
    Run 800
    50 KB swings 55/35
    25 KTE
    Run 400
    50 sit ups
    25 push ups

  2. this old guy is my hero. (sorry for any offensive language.)

  3. Did a 20 min AMRAP today in Miami.
    95 lbs
    5 Thrusters
    7 Hang Cleans
    10 Sumos
    Got 7 rounds + the 7 cleans. As usual it was painful. See y’all tomorrow.

  4. Did 100 burpees and 250 squats on the beach. Thankfully there aren’t too many people out yet to think I’m crazy!

  5. Running the 5k remotely. see ya’ll next week!

  6. you just can’t get enough of the barbells hugh?

  7. For those of you who plan on competing on Sept 26 (Fight Gone Bad), please sign up on our website. If you don’t plan on competing you can still donate to two worthy causes, the Wounded Warrior Project and Athletes for a Cure. Our goal is to raise $1000 as a gym and would greatly appreciate everyones support. Every person that raises $150 receives a “FGB” t-shirt. So tell all your friends and family, post it on Facebook, whatever it takes. http://www.fgb4.org/

  8. I think you’re crazy…have a drink!

  9. $120 so far and still going strong!!

  10. Are we ok with rowing instead of the run on the alt WOD?

  11. Yes, and keep up the good work!

  12. Good work out. If your thinking…I may not work out today and I’m just ready for a long week-end…Come do this. It’s a great day to run if your running and it’s not a total ball buster.
    21 something RX with rowing.
    Gooooooooo Cocks!

  13. DD says:
    Peggy – I don’t know about this. All those burpees + sand could be uncomfortable in a speedo.

  14. beautiful day for a 5k! anyone want to run around the gym with me before or after the 5:30ish class?

  15. So let me get this staight I sign up on your team then raise $150 and then I get a tshirt?
    Is that how this works?

  16. Yes

  17. I’m still finding sand in odd places! I definitely don’t recommend you trying this in a speedo. And Breeze, don’t worry, I already went to the liquor store this morning and got the jumbo bottle of Malibu rum – life is good!

  18. Have you guys looked at the WOD’s for the couples challenge at The Garage?? Holy Cr@p!! I think this may be a little too advanced for this couple! And if I am reading correctly, each couple will have to do 2 WOD’s?!?

  19. I’m going to check those out tonight. We were talking about it earlier. Good luck with tin can, bottle cap puppet guy!!!!

  20. Are the WOD’s per couple or for teams of 3 couples? We were just a little confused. WODs look fun and challenging.

  21. Brad and I are signed up!

  22. it is confusing, i agree. i would like to know how they define “couple.” brad (less than tactfully) hinted to me that it might be married people only, which discriminates against the young and the restless 🙂

  23. Amy and I will sign up and leave it in the hands of the 4 wonderful coaches at CFNF to get us in the shape that we need to be in to compete! Are you up for the challenge??? Can you work miracles??

  24. I just read it over like 5 times…was hoping you would be able to explain it to me….cause you’re smart and I’m not!

  25. I agree with you Brad. Katie is smart and you are a dumbs***. hahaha

  26. At least I’m not as dumb as you look!

  27. Actually Amy and I signed up Dan. Sorry! Just want to shake things up a little. They said Married but not male/female…hahaha

  28. Wow! I think I just got kicked to the curb! I dont want to know anymore…..dont tell me…hehe!