_DSC0017HQ WOD:  Run 5k

Nasty Girls will be posted in the gym.

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  1. Hey All!
    I am in Myrtle Beach this week having some fun. Open invitation to anyone who wants to come play. I think I am going to put a couple of my buddies through a beach WOD…should be hilarious. See you next week

  2. I recommend” Prison Cell Burpees “Blake. It is a tradition on our beach trips.
    20 Burpees on the beach…..20 Lunges
    19 Burpees…………..19 lunges
    18 and so on down to 1.
    Total is 210 burpees. Takes about 20 min. (for us anyway)
    Send some pics if you can. Have fun. See you soon.

  3. did nasty girls…75 pound hang power cleans..red band ring dips and pullups plus squats…3 rounds..my time 25:26… harder than it looked…but fun..anxious to hear other times…

  4. hey braves fans! good news – we all have tickets to the red sox game on friday, june 26th. even better news – our seats are in a block, instead of a long row, so everyone can fraternize with everyone.
    tickets came out to be $27 each ($22 per ticket, $5 ticketmaster fee). if i included you in the list of crazies going to the game, i would greatly, genuinely appreciate payment before the day of the game.
    see you all at the gym!

  5. Well done today G-dog! Strong like Bull!

  6. Nice work you two!

  7. miss lloyd says

    Thank you for taking care of that, Katie!

  8. Nice OHS Breeze! Tom moved some weight today on that hpc! Nice! PR for me on this one, must be the rice, potatoes and wine…

  9. Gigi..where's my flip flops? says

    Can a ol’ granny stop by for a little crossfittin’?
    running home and grabbin some clothes. probably be late..but I’ll be there! (some things just do not change)

  10. Hey!! Gigi is back??? Yea!