HQ WOD is run a 5k today.  Alternate WOD is posted in the gym.

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  1. Austin, thank you for teaching the early morning classes! We appreciate it!

  2. Katie aka gnd says

    The ONE day I don’t have time to work out, and it’s a 5k run. Figures.
    Let me know if you might want to run the Atlanta Half Marathon on Thanksgiving with me!

  3. Yay for me! Two workouts I would hate were Thu & Fri, and I couldn’t get to the gym! Sorry Katie – you can run around Turner Field a few times tonight. Or just drink beer and call it a workout.

  4. austin, you were awesome this morning, thanks for all the encouragement.
    bam-bam’s friend, tyler, lives in Baltimore and is in town and they’re driving to tallahassee for the weekend for the FSU game, so he tagged along to the workout this morning.
    after the warm up, he came panting over and said, wow you were right that was tough and we said, that was only the warm up, dude.
    then austin gave him the option of running or rowing and he’s like oh yeah i’ll run, then after the first 800m, he came back in and said, nope never doing that again,
    after the whole workout was over, his comment was, “well, i thought i was in shape”
    and then promptly went home and looked up crossfitbaltimore.net
    so another one drank the kool-aid!!

  5. Yea Austin
    Thanks for your continued encouragement

  6. GND – how fast are you planning to run on Thanksgiving?

  7. Katie aka gnd says

    Not sure, really – my PR is around 1:45, but I don’t necessarily want/need to get a new PR this year. I just want to run it to say I’m running it, and I’ll take all the company I can find.