Four rounds for time:
Run 400 meters
Rest 2 minutes

Post time to comments.

DSC_0013  ALT WOD:

40 OHS
50 pull ups
60 box jumps
70 double unders
400 m run

Three Rounds for time.  This is a two person team workout.  The teammembers must finish one task before moving to the next.  You can divide the number of reps between teammembers any way you want. Both teammembers must return from the run before you can begin the next round.

Burpee Challenge Day 12, but in 66

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  1. Fun WOD. Great to see you Sherri.
    Thanks G-dog for doing most of my work out. What a team player.
    I had ZERO energy today.Really struggled. YUK!!!
    Stay dry everyone

  2. Hicky, wanna be my partner at 4:30? I really suck at DUs and would be happy to do all the PUs.

  3. HQ WOD is right up my alley! But I can’t make the times today. UGH Work till 5:00

  4. BigEd makes me feel like the last kid picked for the kickball team. I’ll be there at 4:30 too, you know.
    But like Mr. DJ pointed out, the HQ workout is just my style, so I might be going solo this afternoon anyways šŸ™‚

  5. omigosh, i LOVE the homecoming pics! My slutty sistahs are HAWT!!! those poor RHS girls didn’t know what hit them . . . . Jacob is DA MAN!!! on another note, thank you Kim from the Lone Wolf Team this morning for your encouragement . . . . Way to go team:)

  6. Pebbles, Spoke to Shelly Margow at Children’s Therapy Works. She told me to tell you to call her on her cell phone. Call me at 7705609668 and I’ll give it to you.

  7. GND, sorry. Are you gonna be there?
    I thought you were Austin’s partner. Let me know sweety.

  8. if he’d let me i would be.
    i’m pretty sure he is teaching, though…

  9. Thank you Nadler. You’re awesome.

  10. Great job GND!