HQ Rest Day. Come see what's on the board.


Thanks to all the ladies who attended the white elephant gift exchange!  What a great time.  Thanks also to Pebbles for hosting.

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  1. Nice job Christy T on the 12 days of Christmas! I think it’s time you got rid of the band all together!

  2. Can someone please post the 12 days of christmas? I can’t make it in today. See ya Tomorrow

  3. Awesome picture. That was a lot of fun.
    See you guys tomorrow.

  4. Hey Nicole, I have some Nebraska shirts you can borrow from me. I just want you to be not embarrassed in public when wearing those clemson rags. Go Huskers!

  5. Sniper, 1 HSPU, 2 Pistols, 3 Ring Dips, 4 Lunges (total), 5 Med Cleans, 6 Box Jumps, 7 KTE, 8 GI Janes (Burpee-Pull Up combo), 9 Wall Ball, 10 SDHP, 11 Thrusters, 12 db snatches (each arm). This is a 12 round wod. First round is just 1 HSPU, second is 1 HSPU + 2 Pistols, third is 1 HSPU + 2 Pistols + 3 Ring Dips, etc.

  6. Thanks pebbles for the great time… I almost didn’t recognize half of you ladies..Morley, you are a knockout..Looking forward to seeing everyone at gym tomorrow..Today was quiet..!!! That workout today looked brutal but fun..Christy T. really looked great on the g.i.janes; those do not look like fun.!!!Anyone still keeping up with bodyfat competition; I think it ends this month.???? Joy, I didn’t make it today; but, I am aiming for the 8:30 class tomorrow.. Nick was an animal this morning as well, good job.