_DSC0022HQ Rest Day.  

Alt WOD:
40 OHS (95,65)
50 Push Ups ( Chest to Floor)
60 Box Jumps
70 Double Unders
400 M Run

This is a two person team workout.  The numbers above are total team reps.  Only one person may work at a time except on the box jumps and the run.  Your team must complete one exercise completely before you may move to the next.  Post time to comments.

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  1. I love this WOD!!!
    BUT, we are sticking with Strength Bias. Way to go Hicky. Nice PR on back squat this am. I got a PR too. (195#) for three reps. Hope to graduate to the 200’s next week.I learned some very helpful info this past Sat. from AC.
    Our metcon was a lot of fun. 5 heavy push press 10 burpees 5 ROUNDS.
    I am very excited to deadlift tomorrow!!!!Waahhoooo!
    Brad…can you say Graceoff???

  2. Considering your 41 seconds behind me on a 3 min. workout…i am not scared….Bring it!

  3. I’m up for the challenge. You and me on the playground ( after our strength programs)

  4. Wow….a lot is at stake over 41 seconds!
    Kind of reminds me when I was eight and the girl up the street was always threatening to kick me in the nuts…..problem was, I never invited the challenge because I wasn’t so sure she couldn’t win the fight.
    I’ll buy a ticket!

  5. My money is on Brad!

  6. I’m not scared of a challenge. I’m not scared to lose either…but I liked to win 😉
    If your the betting kind…like Ed..of course you’d take Brad. duh! The odds are definitely in is favor.

  7. Bad Choice there Ed. Say that again and I will step on you.
    Beerad is a trusted friend and trainer to us all, but wouldn’t you all just LOVE to see my Pebbles give him a beat down???
    I know I would.
    Sammy the kick in the nuts comment brought back some bad and painful memories of second grade. I told her to bring it……and she did with clogs!

  8. I think you would have to catch me first Garrett. Good luck!

  9. Good Point. I will just get our Husky to chase you down.

  10. It was fun working out with you Miguel! Nice job! Meaball got up on the rings again then lost it! I think she is going to get that muscle up this week!

  11. Thanks Kim! There’s nothing like the pressure of not messing up your trainer’s workout to keep you motivated to keep going.

  12. important braves update!
    i’m not quite sure how everyone wants to arrange themselves into groups/cars and how you guys want to take on the parking situation, but it would be easy if we all parked together, or at least in the same lot. i think the best way to deal with this is to have each car be responsible for their own parking pass. they are available at publix for like $10-$12. make sure to get the BLUE lot! i know one pass has already been purchased for that lot for my group.
    i don’t really know how i became the cruise director for this event, but i’ll go with it. let me know if you’ve got any questions about the game. go braves!

  13. oh also, probably most importantly – parking in the blue lot will probably sell out soon.
    buying parking passes for time: 3…2…1…go!