HQ Rest Day.  Yesterdays WOD will be on the board.

Meatball and Hicky Box Jump from CrossFit North Fulton on Vimeo.

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  1. Ladies, the bra fitter (with the fabulous lock n load bras) will be here today at 11:45am. Come in if you would like to get fitted. I can attest these bras are absolutely the best on the market. I own 4 of the sports bras and use them every day.

  2. DD says:
    What’s Whit looking at?
    Pistol – will you please get a business card from the bra fitter? Perhaps there is a job opening I can apply for?

  3. What is totally like “Hey Jpo…you got my back?”
    Nice WOD today. 14 something with HSPU on wall but not all the way to floor.Still quite a job for the shoulders and I love to flip upside down!
    Started Dead Lift therapy. Going for a heavy set of five every week with a 5 lb increase each week.
    217 x 5 today….that’s a start.
    DD….I would not buy a bra from you. Just sayin……

  4. Oh! and PS, I ran this work out. Heal feels good. Yea!

  5. Enjoyed doing the HQ from yesterday with my boy’s Big Matt and Scruff and the “man of the house” Hicky! Nice job all.
    But after that was the real fun. A vertical jump contest….”Quadzilla” aka Meatball aka Stacy was pretty stout…after two days of jumping contests with Stacy, I’m not so sure Hicky isn’t ready for some running and boxing duels.
    Made me think, we need another competition around the Gym…it’s been what, like three weeks since the last? Three whole weeks without smack talk! We need to do a CFNF Combine…kinda like the NFL… 40 yd dash, Bench, Vertical Jump, Broad Jump, Shuttle???? how bout it?

  6. I’m in for all that but the bench press

  7. I’m in!

  8. i’m in! i also vote for another day in wills park sometime soon, that was a lot of fun a few months ago.

  9. Great to see everyone today! I had to do the “gigi” weights (db’s) so I didn’t get to play with the big boys (and Hicky). Awesome to watch them throw those weights down though!
    G-dog – sorry you had to work out with Brrrad but glad to see ya!
    Spideyman – Feel better 😉

  10. Im gonna go out on limb here and say I think G-dog would have the shortest vert!

  11. G….its alright, you’ve got the shortest distance to get there!
    G’s the tallest with smallest and DJ’s the smallest with the tallest.

  12. Fun alt wod today! Tara, the new girl, did great! and Anna had great form! AND….GND is closer to that muscle up! Great seeing you today, Gigi!

  13. hey JT one of my classes (of seniors) broke out in song today: Afternoon delight. Complete with sound effects. I couldn’t stop them; it was just too good/funny.

  14. Just wanted to say GO JETS!!!! Miss everyone..box jumps looked crazy..great job…sure I would have killed myself!!!


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