HQ Rest Day.   "Elizabeth" will be posted in the gym.  Burpee Challenge Day 15.  Buy in 105.

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  1. That is a good lookin’ crossfit kid! Pebbles, the number for Shelly is 770-310-4586. Good Luck!

  2. Thanks Kim!!!
    Great to see Luna-tic in there today.
    That work out was hard! 95lbs felt like 150 to me today.
    I love squat cleans though. I think it is one of the exercises that works you the hardest. It is a really good butt and leg work out.

  3. Fun in a sick kinda way. Probably should have done a little more weight, but didn’t.
    Nice seeing you today Breeze!!

  4. nice seeing you too GiGi!

  5. Gigi..beach bum says

    oops! and you too spidey man!
    p.s. way to rock it today…you’re the only spider I’ve ever liked!!

  6. Just messin’ gigi…more commenting on our lineup! Ha.

  7. Awesome job to the 6:30 group.
    I know it is a bit early in the week, but given the significance of this weekend’s UGA/UF game, I think it would be fun to get a bunch of people from CFNF and watch the game at one of the local sports bars. Just a thought…

  8. Oh btw kim , I dont remember if I told you or not but I HATE “ELIZABETH ” !!!!!!!!!!

  9. michael, for the record, it’s never too early to plan to watch some football.
    i’d join you if i wasn’t GOING TO THE GAME 🙂
    good job 5:15 group, both shifts!

  10. How bout TJs on the corner of Holcomb Bridge and Nesbitt Ferry in Roswell??? They’ll have the FSU game on there too. That’s a nole stronghold in a dawg world. GO Noles! Il liked Elizabeth.oooops hope my wife doesn’t see that comment.

  11. Feel the Steel! Good job 6:30 group.