Bring a Friend Saturday at 10:00am!

DSC_0050 HQ Rest Day.  Come see what's on the board!

Partayyy this Saturday night at Cinco's in Vickery to celebrate Hicky's and Stacy's birthdays!  Around 7:30pm.  I will post a confirmed time on Saturdays post.

On Saturdays at 10:00am we will start hosting a "bring a friend free" class.  If your friend joins, you get a free tshirt!

Next Wednesday 6:30pm Class is canceled.  An Olympic Lifting Class will be in it's place.  Please plan on attending if you would like to fine tune your snatch (yes I just said that) and clean and jerk.  

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  1. Beach Body, Beach Body, Beach Body!
    AMRAP 15min
    9 push ups
    15 weighted sit ups
    6 pull ups
    9 push ups
    15 weighted sit ups
    Good job Xena and Buzz at 9 and 8 rounds respectively.

  2. PS. I like that picture. I should hang it in my room…those rings are my nemesis.

  3. Pebbs if you have any xtra almond flour you want to sell let me know!

  4. Spider took it with my camera!

  5. Those rings are my least favorite…

  6. Thanks for the WOD Pebbles and the ‘therapy’:) You are awesome!!!

  7. In case you missed my post last night—here it is again!!
    “Fall in Love Adoption Day!!!” is coming up on Saturday, February 13, 2010. Remember to bring your camera to take pictures at the event! You can upload the pictures to the site to share with everyone after the event!
    Here are the event details:
    Date/Time: Saturday, February 13, 2010, 10 AM to 4 PM
    Location: Crabapple Knoll Veterinary Clinic
    Address: 12604 Crabapple Rd, Alpharetta, GA 30004
    Notes: Come join us for a Valentine’s weekend Adoption event…nothing like falling in love! We have lots of great dogs/cats who are ready to fall in love with you. Hope everyone can make it out for some valentine food/fun at the Knoll! Please feel free to forward this invite…the more the merrier:)

  8. Yo! Is anyone coming to 5:00pm??? I will be glad to be there for class if you are, but we will WOD quick and get home before dark!
    I am going to place an almond flour order soon. I get it in bulk for about 4:50 a pound instead of 10.00 to 12.00.
    If you are interested let me know. It would be 23.00 for 5lbs.
    I can order tomorrow and have it by Tuesday or Wed. or I may wait until Monday. I am just ordering one bulk load which is 25lbs so let me know ASAP!

  9. I need some Almond flour too!

  10. I need some almond flour please!

  11. Check out the article about the Haiti Relief workout in the Alpharetta Revue and News.

  12. Peggalicious says

    I would like some too please

  13. Love that your having a Olympic Lifting Class at night! I’ll be there!