_DSC0001  HQ Rest Day.  Come see what's on the board.

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  1. Wild Thing says

    How are the nonpaying customers going to know what to do today? I guess I will have to go back to bed!

  2. I totally stole this from the CrossFit Addiction site… too entertaining not to!
    CrossFit Beach Volleyball: CrossFit Beach Volleyball knows what it feels like to stand out on the beach in the hot sun digging, setting, spiking, blocking, and jump-serving. Now we have a program that will increase your explosive power for those MONSTER spikes and LIGHTNING FAST digs. With a program designed by a 13-year veteran of Beach Volleyball, get ready for the AVP Pro Tour with CrossFit Beach Volleyball!
    $1,000 Certification, please contact us if you would like to attend…spots are limited.

  3. Yay Burpees and push ups and double unders.. Day 15.
    G-dog and I are in Seattle. I have been awake since 4:30. ugh!!! Garrett is just snoozin away. We are going to go to Urban CrossFit to work out today……..whenever Garrett wakes up????
    Have a great day.

  4. That’s an April Fool’s Joke, right?
    I know a guy who works for Rip’s gym in TX and they’ve been putting together CrossFit football: http://www.crossfitfootball.com
    I’d like to think CrossFit Math is coming soon but the WODs would be bizarre…

  5. Oh haha the Beach Volleyball was their joke in response to the CrossFit Football. HA!
    Could the football be a joke? Because he told me about it a few days ago going live today, 4/1…and it wasn’t up then. Now there are posts from several days ago. Pretty sneaky…

  6. Am I allowed to switch mid-stream to DU’s instead of burpees? Didn’t know they were in the mix and I really need to work on them. Also, the total column is off by 2 on the spreadsheet – should be a total of 6 on day 3 instead of 4 – sorry to be a party pooper.
    BTW – loved the workout yesterday. Soooo, what are we doing today?
    Pebbles – tell G-dog to get his booty out of bed!

  7. teaching teenagers is already crossfit-style; routine is the enemy! and crossfit math would just be mean 🙂
    i am thinking cf football is a joke, but it does look pretty legit… kind of like crossfit endurance? tricky tricky.

  8. Nadler….i think “nonpaying customer” is kind of an oxymoron!
    DD….you’re silly!

  9. Okay I fixed it. The formula I used was =that day’s burpees + the total to date from the day before and somehow it got screwed up. If it’s wrong again, just blame me. I’m the fool who thought it would be entertaining to add that column…

  10. it has to be! he very randomly told me about the CF Football site 2 days ago and that it would go live 4/1…and it wasn’t up then…

  11. Aren’t you a math teacher? 🙂
    Will you be there tonight?

  12. yes and yes!
    because it’s a formula, it started off correct. i think some extra columns were added or something like that and made it off one day. not sure…but yeah, it was originially correct when i posted it!

  13. Burpees and push ups and double unders Oh My!

  14. Soooo, what day is it? i thought it was Day 16, but is it really Day 17?

  15. Hey everyone, I just got off the phone talking to Austin (his family was there) and he is doing great.
    On his last PFT (personal fitness test) he scored a 293 out of 300! Says his running has definitely improved. Says a lot of the WODs would be hard now, but he is doing his best to do some Crossfit work despite the time/equipment restraints. I told him he doesn’t have to worry about me kicking his ass on DUs and that everyone is doing very well.
    He is in Basic Training for a few more days, but his family is there now and it’s essentially over. In a few days he reports to Columbus, GA for OCS. There he will be training and studying much harder. But he will have weekends off and will be back on the computer on the blogs.
    He says hi to everyone and he definitely misses us.

  16. austinmclean says

    Thanks for the update Ed!
    Whats up everyone! This is the one and only OCD. I am on the hotels computer looking at my overdue facebook stuff. I hope to be more active on the message board because they actually give us freedoms during OCS. I will have a laptop and wireless internet and after about a week or so should be able to surf the internet as I please. I am gonna check out the website and look at the pics and check out some comments. I miss everyone and hope to get there as soon as possible.
    Keep killin it,
    SPC McLean, Michael A

  17. another Crossfitter who goes by their middle name

  18. Yo Austin, glad to see you back on the board!
    Just wanted to say that Saturday will be my last day of Crossfit as a routine, so most of Austin’s and Ed’s records are safe…for now. Cycling season started and goes till September, so that’s what I’ll be doing until then. I should be back to crossfit in October. I’ll still stop by time to time to annoy everyone(not much differnet than now.. LOL)
    If I hear my 400m or 30MU times get beat I will plunk down the $20 drop in fee and get em back! Not sure if I’ll be in today. All those good mornings gave my back a nice pain the in the… ummm…back yesterday. Geez I’m gettin old. Se ya’ll Saturday if I’m not there tonight.

  19. Gdog and Pebbles checking in from Seattle. Just left Urban Crossfit. Really enjoyed Craig the owner. Great gym. He did not sit in the corner with a cup of coffee just staring and bitching at us like Breeze. He actually helped us. It was a whole new experience.
    We did push press x3 today. Pebbles did 136lbs and I did 222lbs.
    Up yours Brad

  20. Sorry… had to hit the submit button before the boss walked by. Just wanted ad to add: Thank you Kim and Brad for all the advice and motivation. Thanks to everyone else for the comradery and competition and of course the alchoholis…. I mean partying as well. Hopefully I won’t be too out of crossfit shape come October.

  21. Bummer! Don’t go. Cycling? We really like having you at the gym!
    Will miss you!

  22. Hey Garrett….how bout you just stay in Seattle! Maybe you could be Craig’s most regressed client.

  23. “Really enjoyed the owner.” Wow Gdog.. I didn’t know ya’ll were swingers.

  24. Wait a minute??? Brad drinks coffee?

  25. Don’t worry everyone!!! Im not quittin’….so dry up those tears!!

  26. Hahahaha

  27. I should do that. My fitness greatly exceeds my legs at the moment. Oh well, CrossFit is fun.
    I simply need to work less.

  28. DJ what we do on our time is our business.
    On a side note breeze is going to Swinging Richards Friday night if any of you boys want to go

  29. I’m sure Blake would like to come with me…

  30. Brad I’m down, but I prefer Chippendales. They do Hand Stand Push Ups with thongs

  31. WTF are you guys talking about? Is this some Villanova FSU thing?

  32. Ed don’t act surprised you know you’re down!

  33. Hahahahahaha!

  34. hey, dude, that’s not cool. you said it was between just us and no one would find out. don’t get mad at me because i make u feel inadequate.
    signed, BIG Ed

  35. I got a pocket full of ones and fives…let’s go!!!

  36. I think the CFNF guys should do this…HSPU’s in thongs…make sure Erin gets the memo…