_DSC0051 HQ Rest Day.

Come see what's on the board.

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  1. martine capt'n of the winning team says

    Not one band. That’s awesome!
    I hope the quietness on the blog today is everyone resting up.
    Pimps Rule. Vice Squad Drools.

  2. It’s the calm before the storm.
    BRING it on you Pimp a$$ biiaaaatches!

  3. Annie’s on the board today.
    Pebbles, did you wake up late or something? Too much mexican and Patron last night? I heard the Vice Squad likes to throw em back.

  4. yeah! now i KNOW i’m on the right team!

  5. Yep, stayed up late, drank beer, ate Mexican,
    Shots of Patron, cigars…….
    And I will still kick all your asses at Annie.
    Especially Beered!

  6. Martine tells me that the pimp’s territory is mostly around the midtown ponce area.
    Breeze and G-dog “cruise” that area pretty regularly.

  7. Kim I put a LARGE box of wine by the front door! Hope you get it!

  8. Clearly your knowledge of a pimp’s lifestyle is limited. What kind of Don Johnson wannabe are you?
    Breeze and G-dog would only be in that area to check on their merchandise, make sure the hos ain’t skimmin a little off the top, keep the Johns scared and the competition (and cops) at bay. As Eazy E said, “Pimpin’ ain’t easy.” (And, “Don’t quote me, man; I ain’t said s***.”)
    You need to stay in your territory — the Dunkin Donuts on Hwy 9.

  9. LMAO.
    Miguel, you’ve just been skooled.

  10. David…”scruffy”.. you rocked that workout today..I am always proud of you…Great class today…love all the new faces in gym as well as familiar ones too… also, love when I get to see the dogs..sidenote..Pebbles, you will kill me on this workout today(Annie)…But, Brad gave me a good tip on my double unders and it really helped..thanks Breeze..Can’t wait to se how crowded the gym will be tomorrow..

  11. P.S. talk all the smack you want..the vice squad will dominate…how can it not..We have Miguel as our fearless leader.. May the BEST team win!!!

  12. see…

  13. Word on the street (especially on Ponce) is that Miguel couldn’t lead ants to a picnic, a big butt to rap, poop down the sewer in a flood and he especially couldn’t lead drunks to happy hour. I’m just sayin.

  14. damn anna! ouch!

  15. Um, Martine made me do it.
    But in the words of Michael Hawe, “I’m sorry that I’m not sorry.”

  16. Keep talking Anna and then get with G-Dog on how it is to be on a losing team! He has experience in that department…he led his team to failure last challenge…Good Luck! Maybe you could talk about it when he goes to Five Guys tonight for his Friday Burgers.

  17. Sounds like Anna’s been pimpin with the 15 year olds too long and needs a break fo’ tha summa. Pimpin may not be easy but also as Eazy E says, Miguel and those who have his back will be “jackin tha b*tches and slappin’ tha’ hoes”
    Hagler, thanks for the props. Look forward to whippin their a$$ together. Pistol, you’re still a b*tch.

  18. You can quote Easy E all you want, but to quote your team graphic, “Team Pimps, prepare to get bitch slapped!”
    Says it right there next to your gay mascot.

  19. I’m sorry is that funny? Are you a standup comic, is that what you do now? This is me leaving. This is me leaving.

  20. Annie….did not PR but 7 something RX. (closer to 8).
    See ya in the am. GAME ON!!!