HQ Rest Day.  Come see what's on the board.


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  1. Yay Xena! Glad your on MY team.

  2. Thanks, Pebbles! Awesome workout! It was kinda lonely, though.

  3. what WOD do we get to look forward to?

  4. Football Gone Bad (courtesy of CF Football site)
    3 rounds: 1 min at each station with 1 min rest between rounds.
    Dumbell Thrusters 45/30
    Box Jumps 20″ box
    Push Ups
    Double Unders
    Row for Calories

  5. Where is everyone today?
    The sun is out, looks like a great day. Come work out!!!

  6. PS. Paleo kits are in. Buy one at the desk. They are awesome!!!!!!

  7. Peggalicious says

    What’s a paleo kit?

  8. “real food for real athletes” http://www.paleokits.org