DSC_0021HQ Rest Day.  Come see what's on the board.

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  1. Great workout this am!!! Great job 6a!

  2. that’s a cute picture

  3. Hey Jpo, what was the WOD?

  4. JT you are just bitter about my 1:25 on rowing

  5. Ha!
    5 DL 255/175
    10 burpees
    5 Rounds
    (wOD from Games 2008 excpet weight was higher 275/185)
    5 PP 135/95
    10 burpees
    5 Rounds
    Also known as Freddy’s Revenge but guys used 155 for PP
    THEN 800 m run for time.

  6. 6am…you did well in spite of BOYCOTTING THE RUN!!!!
    Doc rowed and Biskit ran a 4:45 800m.
    Her fight is next Friday at Wild Bills. It’s the only chick fight of the night!!!!!
    I did the PP one to try out my shoulder. I was 7:06rx (or maybe that was Stringer’s time but 7 something for me) I think I did this faster before. Shoulder was OK.
    Ran the 800 after. Not fast but not hurting 🙂
    See everyone tomorrow.

  7. 5 DL (185) – 10 Burpees X 5 = 4:44Rx
    800m run = 4:11 fastest since my injury – woo hoo!
    Nice job am crew!

  8. Way to smoke it Pistol. Nice!

  9. true…but i’m not envious of Justin in that picture

  10. Thanks Pebs..don’t remember my time on the DL/Burpee, but it was mid 5’s I think. Only DL’d 185, but BIG THANKS to BREEZE…he really worked with me on my form on them and there is NO lower back pain at all. I feel like I could go up to 250 with no trouble at all.. Just goes to show, its all about the form..the weight follows.

  11. I also forgot, your husband is like the best golfer I know.

  12. Ha!

  13. Big PROPS to Shannan! Her 2nd CrossFit WOD ever and she did a 77lb deadlift for 5 rounds!!!!! Way to go!