HQ Rest Day.  Come see what's on board.

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  1. Sorry for the late post this morning, folks. Typepad wouldn’t let me post!

  2. Sean CFNFT says

    I think I see my Mom way back there lurking in the shadows! Looks like she was trying to escape from the WOD. Haha

  3. Got the 1000 CFT yesterday.
    180 Shoulder press
    405 Squat
    415 Deadlift
    Was running out of time, so I only had 5 attempts at the squat and 2 at the deadlifts.

  4. My son has such a smart mouth – I get no respect!

  5. Wow! That’s awesome Allen! Congratulations!!!

  6. hey Pistol, what’s on the board today?

  7. Time trials and Oly board is Mike’s Gym Wod.

  8. cool.

  9. Awesome. Body weight time trials. Wooooo Hooooo.
    The gym next door has a lat pull down machine if anyone is up for some hard core circuit training later today.

  10. I love this picture. 6 am is like “HHEEEEYYYY!”
    See ya tonight.

  11. you should check out the posted Alt. WOD then.
    You’ll love it.

  12. Hey Brad, what’s your email address. Something I want to send you

  13. It was awesome Andy. Beeerad and I did our arm blast work out. Even put up a mirror for visuals.
    Added in some forearm work and then did 9 sets of heavy shrugs to hit the traps.
    Maybe next time you will join us for some hard core working out.

  14. dude, I’m so spent already, after the arm blast, I didn’t feel like I’d had enough so I went home and preacher curled my dogs.