_DSC0003  HQ Rest Day.  Come see what Pebbles put on the board.  Nice form, Heather!

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  1. It’s a good one!
    It’s cold out there but warm in here.
    Doc, Don and Jason did an excellent job.
    Nice form. Great job.

  2. Do tell! What are we in for today?

  3. i am seriously, truly considering a ski trip out west sometime soon. i’m looking at president’s day weekend in feb or my spring break in april. is there anyone here who would want to go with me?

  4. 5 db HSC
    10 Thrusters
    15push ups
    AMRAP 20min 25/15#women

  5. what is a 5db HSC?
    And GND we should have booked a trip to sundance and then went sking in Salt Lake…

  6. damn. next year, jpo. we could be like the boys in entourage 🙂

  7. also i think HSC is hang squat clean.

  8. It is dumbell squat cleans ( they are from the high hang)

  9. Nice wod today Pebbles. 20db for me and subbed burpees for push ups. 7 rds. Hagler tore it up with 10 rounds rx!

  10. Breeze can you tell me about the birthday cake…was it good? I miss Chocolate!
    And GND I like that plan for 2010 we could have our CFNF girls weekend out there…two of my friends are going and I am jealous.

  11. GND, how much does a trip like that run you? And uh… I don’t know squat about skiing… but it sounds fun =)

  12. Hey GND…Craig and I were thinking about a ski trip around that time. Where were you thinking of going?

  13. The cake is awesome Jpo…will save you a piece for your cheat nite!
    Well done everyone on the “shoulder buster” of a wod today!
    I love to ski….tahoe? gambling there too!

  14. oboy, sammy and i have a story about skiing…deer valley…sundance…sneaking in to a private party/opening gala…ralph machio (sp?).
    miss everyone…been trying to start this company with sammy…feels a bit like jerry mcguire right now!

  15. Best Wishes Spidey and Sammy. Been there this past year. So many things to do in a new biz. (on top of being parents of small children). Hang in there.
    I have heard that ski story….soooo funny.
    Nice work 6pm. I swear I got 10 rounds. Brad can’t count. OR maybe points were deducted for my seal like (ocean seal not Navy Seal) push ups in the latter rounds.
    You guys were awesome. Thanks for the encouragement Simon!
    Off to shower and wash the floor and dog hair off my forehead.