DSC_0015 HQ Rest Day.  


3 Muscle Ups or 6 Pull Ups + 6 Dips
5 Power Cleans (135,95)
7 Burpees 

5 Rounds for Time

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  1. I saw Xena jump on that box 10 times today :)~

  2. Yes she did!!!! I like that you put that in the warm-up practice does make perfect!!!
    Great job 6a!

  3. Peggalicious says

    Way to go Xena!!

  4. I did! I did! I ‘heart’ box jumps . . . . . not really, but i’m trying to be in serious like with them . . . . double unders don’t get any ideas . . . .
    I went to J-Po’s Hell, now I need a t-shirt!

  5. So proud XENA!!!! I really need a night out ladies……anyone like wine?????

  6. DD says:
    Well done Xena! The box cowers in fear of your might. You dominate that trembling wooden cube.

  7. Peggalicious says

    I have 4 (free) tickets and a parking pass to the Braves game tonight. Section 204, row 4 behind home plate – blue parking. Anyone want them?

  8. … i don’t think i’m supposed to go back there

  9. Peggalicious says

    Sorry, I meant anyone but Hicky! 🙂

  10. austinmclean says

    That looks like my kind of workout!

  11. Really? Are you asking?

  12. gigi do

  13. Seriously????