DSC_0023 HQ rest Day.  An alt wod will be on the board.

Sweatshirt Virtual This is a preview of the shirts we will be ordering.  The finished product will have the front logo lower and twice as big.  The back will be bolder than pictured above.  The hoodie itself will be a charcoal heather and the print will be in white.  If you would like to order one, let me know by this week and include your size.  Once they're gone, they're gone!


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  1. Look at that big boy weight! Nice job on 240 JT.

  2. thanks Brad for letting Baxter stay with you at the gym this morning he does love his uncle brad!!!
    Slow on the workout out today between the box jumps and the pull up I was like a turtle! But hey I finished all 52 cards;)

  3. He’s having a blast!…he told me so

  4. Uhh, can anyone tell me what the Alt WOD is??

  5. It make me sooo happy to know he is having fun today at the gym:)

  6. thanks big guy, that got real heavy in a hurry. Nice job back at ya on 275

  7. Damn that’s a sharp logo! I’d buy this shirt on the basis of how cool the logo looks.
    -Martine’s husband

  8. That hoodie is da bomb! and I want one! it is awesomely cool!
    -Martine’s friend

  9. The hoodie rocks!!! Sign me up for one!

  10. Two hoodies for the Butch house unless they come in kiddie sizes too.
    G-dog XXL
    Pebbles L
    If they come in sizes for the boys let us know for real!
    PS..we really like the heather grey with black print.

  11. The hoodies look 70’s Big!

  12. this was from Pebbles.

  13. me me me i want one.
    size small!

  14. yes, i would like a hoodie please – karon