HQ Rest Day.  An Alt WOD will be on the board.  

Today is Day 3 of the HSPU Challenge.  Buy in is 3 HSPU's.

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  1. Congratulations to Hicky. That’s pretty impressive stuff.

  2. Andy, I bet you would do great…it was alot of fun and interesting to watch…..I actually want a do-over…I think I can beat my time…And Scruffy, yes I do think the lunch crowd is a HUGE help for me…..you would have done great..next time I hope to see more guys, although, DD absolutely represented for all of you…Job well done…Looking forward to JT today…beginning to ALMOST like the HSPU…:)
    Love the picture today..what a good looking crew…

  3. P.S….my time for challenge was 10:48rx…Xena…amazing as she is ALSO had 10:48…she didn’t jump on box jumps but she did EVERYTHING else…she is an amazing woman and it was a honor to have her at CFNF….but I told her if she ever tied me again, I would kill her…;)….make sure and let her know how great she is…

  4. Congrats Hicky and great job everyone who represented! Sorry I couldn’t be there. What was the WOD you guys did at the challenge?
    Are the tank tops in now, too?

  5. beautiful picture 🙂
    the wod was:
    500 m row
    40 box jumps
    30 kb swings
    20 burpees
    10 thrusters
    5 tire flips

  6. Thanks everyone…
    Today’s workout definitely highlighted my weaknesses! My plan was to do all the ring dips rx, but I would probably still be there if I’d kept to it. I want to do that one again!

  7. I have built a GoogleDoc tracking sheet for HSPUs.
    You can access the sheet by going to the link below;
    Great job to the 8:30 class.

  8. hicky has weaknesses?

  9. yes she is not that good at shrimp peeling either….

  10. so funny…

  11. Does the WOD today involve moving any body parts except my little finger???? Why are you so sore from a little elements class you ask?? Because I have the mind of an 18 year old, but the body of an old, worn down, out of shape man!! I WILL do it…and I WILL enjoy it….whether I like it or not!!!!

  12. You did great Dan…just keep chuggin!

  13. When you say “chuggin”, you are referring to beer, correct?? If so, I am all over it!!