_DSC0079 HQ Rest Day:

Alt WOD:
400 m run
50 squats
400 m run
50 push ups
400 m run
50 sit ups (unanchored, touch toes)
400 m run
50 KTE

Post time to comments.

ATTN:  Otis is home!

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  1. Wild Thing says

    Hi Everyone! Hope all is well. Home working out is not as much fun as being with yall, but I am keeping up! Yeah! Just wondering what happened to Otis?

  2. Great to hear Otis is back. So wise. He is like a miniature Buddha covered in hair.
    Hope everyone has a great Friday.

  3. Is he back?

  4. where did he go?

  5. And where’s Furman?
    Great pic! Miguel & Martine make very cute babies!
    I’ve missed everyone this week – work has been a nightmare. Getting some new floors put in tomorrow, but I’ll be back Monday.

  6. Awwww…it’s my family plus Max. 🙂 They’re all so cute. No gym for me today. I’m going for a run by the river and probably freak everyone out by doing the pushups/squats/kte at the park at the end of the run. LOL.

  7. i like your style, martine 🙂

  8. Just going to throw this out there, but the picture would be a good 2009 Christmas card.

  9. 17:10 Rx
    Got my 61 year old mom to do the WOD with me today here in Hilton Head…she did pretty well! 21:30.

  10. Nice. Way to go. Yay for Moms.

  11. ok, so my goal should be right around 21:30 🙂

  12. Nice job Spider. I came in at 17:26 – 6am class. It is now obvious that part of your talent is genetic!

  13. I think of Otis as my little Kanye West. When I picked him up he just looked at me like “it’s about time, lady”

  14. I love that Pug so glad he is safe and home again!!!!

  15. Wild Thing says

    I guess no one misses me.

  16. Where has Otis been?

  17. Otis took a stroll around back of gym and got lost…some worker guy picked him up and took him home till Kim could come get him…I thought he might steal Otis as he is so adorable… thankfully Kim was diligent in getting Otis safely home..thank god Otis had his collar on so he could be returned to Kim..that was a close one!! I miss you Nadler..My time was crappy because I worked out alone..i guess I need the motivation..I was feeling alright with my time of 22:12rx until I read Spider’s post. Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow..

  18. The trainer at 4:30 on Fridays is SMOKIN HOT!!!!!!!

  19. Great news about Otis!