HQ Rest day.  Alt WOD will be posted in the gym. 

Attn:  Next week the schedule will change for Thanksgiving.  Wednesday classes will be 6,7,8:30 & 6pm.  Thanksgiving WOD at 9:00am, Friday:  8:30, 12:30, Saturday & Sunday will be normal schedule excluding Yoga on Saturday.

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  1. Gigi..broken down beach bum says

    Just making sure the time is 11:30. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Super sore from yesterday, gonna try this one out at the evening class.
    1 mile run
    1000 Double Unders
    800 m run
    500 Double Unders
    400 m run
    250 Double Unders
    Should be a fun one! Me and hick might go head to head on this one tonight.

  3. you are a crazy person, austin. but we knew that already.
    would someone mind posting the alt wod? thanks!

  4. Gigi..where's my flip flops? says

    In 20 min., complete as many rounds as you can.
    5 med. ball cleans
    10 Pistols
    15 Double Unders (or 60 reg)
    Have fun!!

  5. ouch. looking forward to it.
    thanks gigi!

  6. Gigi..where's my flip flops? says

    On the Austin – Hicky Challenge. Sorry “A”, but my bet is on Hicky! She’ll smoke ya on that one!!!!!!!!

  7. My hope is that hick will just get tired and quit and me just barely finish. I picked the two things that she is literally the best in the gym at lol probably not a good idea. Hick, just keep thinking “I am gonna have to quit…I am gonna have to quit…” ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Haha! Yeah right! My legs are a little sore from working out twice yesterday and then doing this morning’s workout, but I’ll still whoop you!… Just try not to cry in front of everyone Austin ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Ill have the tissues ready for you Austin…

  10. This picture is cool. I’ve never seen myself in mid-snatch before.

  11. DD you know we can get alot of mileage outta that statement?

  12. Since I can’t do double unders can I do this instead for scaled:
    1 mile run
    4000 Double Unders
    800 m run
    2000 Double Unders
    400 m run
    1000 Double Unders
    If I could actually do DU’s I would take you up on this one.

  13. I assume you mean single unders. I don’t see why that would be a problem.