HQ Rest Day – An alternate WOD will be posted in the gym.

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  1. what’s the WOD? Do I need to lock and load?

  2. Pebbles – the answer is “always lock and load.”

  3. looking forward to this killer. 🙂
    see you all at 5:15. justin and sarah, I better see you both today!

  4. Did a little of both. Love to Push Jerk!! Got 115 for 5. My PR is 124 for 1 or 3 I can’t remember.
    Did that and then a 1 mile run.
    Good job Lisa learning the Push Jerk and the rest of 8:30. Nadler your Oly Lifts are getting better!!!
    Luna-Tic nice dance moves

  5. Some how I got sick! Yesterday had a fever of 102, but today it has dropped a bit to 100. Hope to make it up to the gym tomorrow. This is really bad timing!

  6. Where’s GiGi?

  7. Thanks Pebbles! I can always use support and motivation!!! I am still not 100% feeling well so I will take my measly 68lbs and be happy!!! See yall at 8:30 tomorrow.

  8. it was good to back in the gym today….almost put in a full day. Great seeing everyone!
    p.s. brutal workout austin!

  9. Oh poo .what a great idea. Funny though, we put poo on our food and then in our mohuts and then out we poo. Should be called Poo Poo God truly does have a sense of humor.